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Q.E.D is a four-member rock band from Winnipeg, Manitoba presently promoting their third CD titled “[Sometimes a Cigar…is just a Cigar]”. Conceived in 1995 in Edmonton Alberta, Q.E.D has always strived to deliver a highly energetic and stimulating audio-visual show. Q.E.D has played successful tours in Canada, India and US.
A tour of Canada and Asia is being planned to support the latest album.
Recorded and co-produced at Red Door Recording Studios (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) by Ryan Andersen and mastered in Los Angeles, USA by Rob Beaton, "[Sometimes a Cigar...is just a Cigar]" contains eight guitar driven, melodic songs. The enhanced CD portion consists of studio footage, pictures and member biographies.

Q.E.D is a diverse multicultural band whose members bring sonic intensity from their international and national backgrounds. The amalgamation of this music and personal experience is Q.E.D.

Personel :

Ra - Vocals

Shawn - Guitars

Sandy - Drums

Wade - Bass

Instrument : Vocals, Guitar Fender Stratocasters.
Fender Classic Chorus Amp. MesaBoogie V-Twin. Boss GT6, ME-33, DD2 Flange
Influences : The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Santana, Tool.
Books : The Hitchhikers Guide To Galaxy, Illusions
Author: Kurt Vornegut, Richard Bach, Isaac Asimov, Gregory Benford.

Instrument: Guitar
Gibson Les Paul Custom
Mesa Boogie Mark IIc and 4x12 Marshall Cabinet, 30 watt Celestion speakers,
Boss ME-33 Multi-Effects, Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Crybaby Wah, Boss Overdrive,
Keeley Boost
Influences: The Cult, Big Sugar, Satriani, Sex Pistols, The Stones, David Bowie,
Vai, Scofield, Coltrane, Page, Frisell, SRV, Love and Rockets, Bus schedules.
Book: Webster's Dictionary
Author: Hunter S. Thompson

Instrument : Drums
Sonor F3007, Sabian & Zildjian Cymbals. Vater 5B .Los Cabos 5B.
Influences : The Mars Volta, DJ Shadow, RATM, Motown & Funk Music
Books : The Biographies of Sting, Jaco, Frank Zappa, Kurt Vonnegut, Osho.


Instrument : Bass
Gallein Kruger 1001rb Amp.
Gallien Kruger 115rbh and Yorkville 410 cabinet. Yamaha bb615 Bass guitar. Ernie Ball strings.
Influences : Jim Caroll, The Ramones, Motorhead, Flea, Raised Fist, Alvin Lee.